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Don’t miss a beat of TED2013: How to follow along

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TED2013Welcome to The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered. After a year of planning — including a 14-city worldwide talent search to find new ideas and untold stories — TED2013 begins today with two sessions of talks from the amazing TED Fellows. Tomorrow at 11am Pacific time, mainstage talks begin with Session 1: Progress Enigma.

So how can you follow along with TED2013 from home? There are many options.

  • The TED Blog. We’ll be covering the conference beat-by-beat — writing about each of the 70+ speakers as well as sharing behind-the-scenes photos, incredible quotes and more. The goal: to bring you inside TED2013 by painting a vivid picture of the proceedings in Long Beach. Come back and visit often. You can even subscribe to the TED Blog by email to receive notification as new stories are posted, or keep up to date via our RSS feed.
  • The TED2013 Conference Portal. A special section of dedicated to the conference, this page will pull in the best of our TED Blog coverage and highlight the great moments from TED2013.
  • Sign up for the TED Daily Email. Beginning on Tuesday, we’ll be posting incredible talks from TED2013, one per day, on Have the talks from TED2013, and beyond, delivered to your email inbox as they go live.
  • Follow us @TEDNews. We’ll be tweeting out the most compelling quotes, facts and moments of the day — sparingly — from this Twitter feed dedicated to all the news from TED.
  • Or follow us at @TEDLiveHQ. For those who want to follow the TED2013 action more closely, this Twitter feed will give you the minute-by-minute coverage.
  • Follow us on Facebook. Here, we’ll be posting the talk of the day, plus behind-the-scenes images, incredible quotes, breaking news and end-of-the-day wrap-ups.
  • Watch session 3 live. On Tuesday, February 26, we’ll be livestreaming session 3 of TED beginning at 5pm Pacific Standard time. Do not miss — this is when we’ll be revealing the winner of the $1 million TED Prize.

And below, meet the bloggers who’ll be covering TED2013:

HelenHelen Walters is TED’s new Ideas Editor. She’s been writing for, off and on, since 2007 and last year was part of our marathon coverage of TED2012 and TEDGlobal 2012, where she wrote, in four days, an estimated 39,000 words. Formerly the editor of innovation and design at Bloomberg Businessweek, Helen blogs, tweets, writes, and talks about design at events around the world.
BenBen Lillie is a contributing editor for He is also the director of The Story Collider, a storytelling event where people share true, personal stories about how science intersected with their lives. Ben is a Moth StorySLAM champion and also happens to be an ex-High Energy Particle Physicist.
ThuThu-Huong Ha is TED’s Editorial Projects Specialist, who wrote one of the most popular TED Blog posts of 2012, “Why the eff didn’t you watch these talks?” Thu is the author of the book Hail Caesar, which she started writing when she was 14 and finished at age 17. Thu likes unexpected etymologies and good street food.
KateKate Torgovnick is TED’s staff writer. A former Jane Magazine staffer, she’s written about religious tattoos for The New York Times, done a history of umlauts in pop music, and examined cities where women rule for Time. Her book Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders inspired the TV show, Hellcats. She also runs — the only blog for Kates, by Kates and about Kates.