Friday morning's TEDDIY — a short report (Palm Springs only!)

Friday morning’s TEDDIY session at TED@PalmSprings was filled with energy, humor and inspiration. Take a look at a few of the big ideas we heard from these amazing speakers:


Aaron Dignan: why Guitar Hero guitars are real instruments
Al Meyers on building virtual worlds for classroom use
Jim Fallon shows what murderers have in common
Mattias Ask on using greed for good in philanthropy
Linda Avey: why you should get your genome sequenced
M.A. Greenstein: designing souped-up wheelchairs from bikes
Geoffrey Orsak: bringing Moore’s Law to building construction
Jenny Morel on the jet pack
Jill Sobule sings a song about jet packs
Yaccov Mutnikas on his adventure in rowing the Atlantic
Seth Aylmer and José Serrano-Reyes on a stock market for art
Sebastian Wernicke on the multipurpose word “buffalo”
Lisa Buksbaum on giving love to families with sick children
Elaine Parker: fighting cooking illiteracy (and improving health)
Tony O’Driscoll reads a poem of inspiration and gratefulness

Photo: TED / Michael Brands