GOOD contest winner celebrates MDG #4

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Congratulations to Francesca Cianfarini of Leftloft, designer of the poster at left (see it at larger here), which celebrates one of the Millennium Development Goals — an audacious set of goals for improving the world, set in September 2000 by the UN. Cianfarini’s winning poster focuses on MDG #4: Reduce child mortality. Some aspects of this goal have seen progress — for instance, between 2000 and 2008, measles deaths dropped by 78%. But there is still much work to be done to meet these goals by their target date of 2015.

TEDxChange, on September 20, 2010, takes a look at the MDGs. Presented by TED and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, TEDxChange can be viewed through a live webcast (visit the Facebook page to RSVP for the webcast), or you can join a TEDx event in your area.