"I suspect… the Auto Industry, in the Conservatory, with the Wrench."


Just got back from a screening of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” an entertaining documentary – opening this week in NY and LA – chronicling the remarkable story of the little car that couldn’t: the GM EV1.

I had the privilege of visiting the film crew on location, in the summer of 2004, mere days before GM carted away the last of the EV1s. I drove it, literally, into the sunset, and you may not believe me when I say it, but that car packed a serious PUNCH.

The film tends to wear its message on its sleeve, but a cast of colorful characters (including one of the more adorable on-screen romances of all time) plus unspoken parallels between the short-lived EV-era and the demise of the LA Red Car keep it moving. If “An Inconvenient Truth” only whet your appetite for environmentally engaging cinema but left you yearning for more, visit for a quick fix.