In short: Rare Book School in session, Amelia Earhart crash site still a mystery

Rare Books School

Here, some great finds from across the internet, for your reading pleasure:

Others may dream of the beach this summer, but we secretly wish we were at Rare Book School, a five-week long camp that brings together librarians and antiquarian enthusiasts at the University of Virginia. The school has been taught by William Noel, who gave the gripping TEDTalk “Revealing the lost codex of Archimedes.” [NY Times]

Must. Listen. Now. Montell Jordan sings the news over at “That Headline is My Jam.” [msnNOW]

When French aristocrat Pierre de Frédy revived the ancient Olympic Games in 1896, he believed it was vital to stick with a less-athletic tradition of the Greek original — art competitions. [Mental Floss]

Writer Moe Tkacik has a bold idea for how to make money as a journalist these days — she has declared herself a “Web 2.0 Panhandlr” allowing, well anyone, to pay for her reporterly services. [Das Krap]

A group set out last month to prove a theory that Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan crash-landed on the remote Pacific island of Nikumaroro. Today, they have returned home empty-handed. [CNN]

Speaking of collecting data, David Johnson has sent rapper Jay-Z 262 emails over the course of two years, and believes Hova himself has read — even reread — each one. The story is a meditation on celebrity, access and online connection. [Buzzfeed]

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