In the Green: Visions of a sustainable future from TED Countdown and the Climate Pledge

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What does it actually take to run a sustainable business?

Hear from trail-blazing business leaders on how they’re transforming their industries by committing to a net zero future. In the Green: The Business of Climate Action is a TED series presented by TED Countdown and The Climate Pledge where leaders share hard-won wisdom from companies addressing humanity’s most urgent mission: fighting climate change.

When it launched back in February, In the Green explored decarbonizing buildings, reducing the environmental impact of electronics and what nature can teach us about sustainable business. Back with new experts, the three latest episodes of the series explore industry-transforming solutions that tackle the wastefulness of standard freight truck logistics, the partnerships global businesses need to run on 100-percent renewable energy and a lightweight transportation alternative to cars.

Can we reduce the emissions of millions of freight trucks?

What are the steps to running a global business on 100-percent renewable energy?

What does it take to get more people to drive less?