In search of 250 souls with knowledge to share

So, the quirky competition I launched last week relating to has a winner.  It is TEDster Lucy Hooberman.  She’s looking to re-ignite an idea that was floated at TED in February (literally… it came from the World-Changing Ideas Cruise). The idea is to set up a Global Mentoring Alliance…  the sharing of knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it.  Here’s her pledge.   Looks like Lucy (and the other TEDsters who are behind this idea) will be spending a lot more than the prize money if her pledge is matched. I really urge everyone to support this…  250 mouseclicks could start something really big. 

There were several other really interesting pledges.  I liked the idea to ‘flip the fifth’, the notion of a group effort to fund a Buckminster Fuller film, the bike ride across America…  and who could resist the offer of a couple of masseuses from Australia to help out in New Orleans if only someone would pay their way. In all more than 50 suggestions.  Thanks to everyone who came up with something.