Meet Adam Votaw, Executive Chef at the Palm Springs Riviera

TEDBlog interviewed Adam Votaw, Executive Chef of the Riviera Resort and Spa.

Tell us about one of your suppliers and why you chose them.

Our chicken comes from a farm in Napa Valley called Rosie’s. It’s 100% certified organic. We chose this supplier for several reasons: sustainable farming and environmental health: stewardship of land and natural resources for the long term. Economic profitability: socially just and safe employment that provides economic stability. Social and economic equity: consideration of social responsibilities and the needs of rural communities.

And because … it’s delicious!

Is green/organic part of your food design?

Yes, as you can see with the chicken. Also we buy organic greens, herbs and some vegetables from a local California market.

What’s the vision behind the restaurant?

The vision is a “Coastal Version of a Steak House.” Our customers experience the best of products, service and ambiance.

Describe your style in six words or less.

Classic. Fresh. Bold flavors. Consistent. Fun!

Give us the inside scoop. What are YOUR favorite menu items at Circa 59?

Appetizer: The arugula, Asian pear and bleu cheese salad. Also the crab cake with lemongrass lobster sauce. The pork belly is amazing.

Entrees: Halibut on red wine risotto with green peppercorn cream and port wine glaze. And the jalapeño-crusted salmon. I would also recommend ANY FISH grilled, accompanied with the citrus cardamom sauce. Also the filet of beef encrusted with a grain mustard and Gorgonzola butter on top of a short rib of beef hash and silky, creamy mash potatoes.

Dessert: Milk chocolate cinnamon and amaretto mousse with profiterole filled with vanilla gelato and topped with French chocolate sauce.