Web-based ways to make a difference

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To help those of us making resolutions this week, here is a sampling of web tools for making a difference, inspired by TEDTalks speakers:

+ Share Ron Eglash‘s cool math tools, for studying math via breakdancing, Latin beats and cornrow braids
+ Dive into Richard Baraniuk‘s Connexions, a massive repository of open-source class materials
+ Visit Phil BorgesBridges to Understanding site, which rounds up student films from all over the world
+ Browse Erin McKean‘s booklist So You Want to Be a Lexicographer?
+ Check out the beta of Gapminder World, powered by Hans Rosling‘s Trendalyzer software
+ Watch video and take action at The Hub, a platform for human rights media and action — presented by Peter Gabriel‘s WITNESS
+ Discuss sustainable design and materials on the Cradle to Cradle forums, inspired by the work of William McDonough
+ Learn more about Nicholas Negroponte‘s One Laptop per Child
+ Catch up with Majora Carter‘s Sustainable South Bronx — or make a specific gift to SSBx via Changing the Present
+ Calculate your personal CO2 production — and start helping the planet — at the website for Al Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth, produced by Jeff Skoll

TEDTalks is full of ideas for making change for oneself and for others — many more than we can list here. Please share your suggestions for other TEDTalks-inspired change!