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Web-based ways to make a difference


To help those of us making resolutions this week, here is a sampling of web tools for making a difference, inspired by TEDTalks speakers: + Share Ron Eglash‘s cool math tools, for studying math via breakdancing, Latin beats and cornrow braids + Dive into Richard Baraniuk‘s Connexions, a massive repository of open-source class materials + []

African fractals: Ron Eglash on TED.com


“I am a mathematician, and I would like to stand on your roof.” This is how Ron Eglash greeted many African families while researching the intriguing fractal patterns he noticed in villages across the continent. He talks about his work exploring the rigorous fractal math underpinning African architecture, art and even hair braiding — and []

Day Two on the blogs


Tuesday, June 5, from around the blogs: Erik Hertsman at White African reports: Google has hired its first sub-Saharan Africa employee! Joseph Mucheru has been named the new site lead for Google Kenya. This was whispered to be happening, but at today’s Google lunch at TEDGlobal the position was made official by Francoise Brougher, Director []

Day Two in Quotes [TEDGlobal 2007]


“Dignity is more important to the human spirit than wealth” — Acumen Fund CEO/Founder Jacqueline Novogratz “What we call governments are vampire states, which suck the economic vitality out of the people.” — Economist George Ayittey “I want to make Africans rich. If you make Africans rich, they’ll be less poor. That’s my development strategy.” []

[TEDGlobal 2007] Session 4: Emergent Design


To understand Africa’s technological future, TEDGlobal Program Director Emeka Okafor calls Russell Southwood to the stage. Publisher of Balancing Act and respected tech commentator, Southwood envisions a future in which Africa leapfrogs the entire industrial phase of development, and skips straight to a high-tech competitiveness. To achieve this, he identifies several “door-openers” to fundamental change, []