Photosynth + Multitouch = an astonishing look at the oath of office

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Photosynth on Multitouch, uploaded by TED Conference.

On CNN’s Inauguration Day coverage today: a massive Photosynth of the precise moment that President Barack Obama took the oath of office. In the image above, an anchor sifts through individual images on a Multitouch screen. We’re proud because both these technologies — Photosynth and the Multitouch screen — were demo’d first at TED.

Watch Jeff Han demo his Multitouch screen at TED2006 >>

Watch Blaise Aguera y Arcas demo Seadragon/Photosynth at TED2007 >>

(And yes, you can view this Photosynth on a Mac. Click on the link to CNN’s The Moment, and follow the instructions to download Silverlight for your Mac or freeware box.)

Photo: William Allen