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Every week at TED’s New York office, the media team gathers for a staff meeting. During the proceedings, one staffer is tasked with sharing five recent things on the internet that thoroughly intrigued, shocked or amused them. Because the selections are always so thrilling, we’ve decided to bring this feature to the readers of the TED Blog. Check out these fantastic internet finds from Becky Chung, TED’s Customer Support Specialist.
This photo blog will definitely give you office envy. It collects images of workplaces of all kinds, from libraries to flower stalls. We are especially coveting the book-filled cavern photographed above.

The Impossible Instant Lab
While apps like Instagram have become popular in recent years, finding Polaroid film has become exceptionally difficult. This little device allows you to print images from your phone onto instant-developing film, giving you photos you can actually hold in your hand. So far this project has raised $433, 238 on Kickstarter — a feat, since their goal was $250K.

Bloom the Game
An urban toy for anyone who loves Legos, Bloom the Game lets groups connect petal-like pieces to create oversized sculptures for everyone to enjoy.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius
With just days to go until Apple releases the iPhone 5, Samsung has launched a new ad campaign (left) proclaiming, “It doesn’t take a genius … The next big thing is already here.” Apple fans have naturally retaliated, creating their own spoofs of the ad (center and right). Here, several more examples.

Becky admits that she is fully smitten with this app, which lets you create gifs on your phone, applying artistic filters to them a la Hipstamatic. Yes, that’s her above.