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Quoted at TED2013: Julian Treasure on five-senses design

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Julian-Treasure-quoteJulian Treasure watches out for the ears. In the four TED Talks he’s given so far, he’s offered up “5 ways to listen better” and “Sound health in 8 steps.” Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better At TED2013, we asked him:

What speakers have given you the best auditory experience so far?

It was nice to hear Jinsop Lee today talking about the five senses. It’s liberating to start to become conscious of your senses. My work is getting people to listen — it’s like turning up the color on the TV set and, suddenly, you’ve got a new way of experiencing the world. If you do that with smell and taste and touch you start to become much more present. It’s a wonderful thing. That talk was a nice little gift.

I am also very proud to have four London speakers here. I organized the London Talent Search event with Evan Grant.¬†I can’t wait for Rose George (who’ll be speaking in Session 9, “Indelicate Conversation”) and Eleanor Longden (who’ll be speaking in Session 10, “Secret Voices”). And I thought Alastair Parvin¬†yesterday was absolutely brilliant.