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Report from TEDGlobal Session 3: Found in Translation


Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices: It’s not enough to make the personal decision that you want a wider world. We have to cultivate xenophiles.


Novelist Elif Shafak: We’re surrounded by our mirror images and it’s not healthy for a human to stare at its own reflection too long. Storytelling is a way to transcend cultural walls. Identity politics divides us. Fiction connects.


David McCandless of Information Is Beautiful: Data visualization combines the language of the eye with the language of the mind.


Jerusalem-born singer-songwriter Mor Karbasi lights up the TEDGlobal 2010 stage.


Expert in facial reconstruction surgery Iain Hutchison: When we change people’s faces, are we changing their identity? Some people choose to have facial surgery — but others have unfortunate circumstances that force them to.

Photos: TED / James Duncan Davidson