Sheryl Sandberg working on a new book, researchers able to alter the dreams of rats

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Enjoy these fascinating reads from across the Internet:

  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who gave the talk “Why we have too few women leaders” at TEDWomen 2010, has revealed that she is working on a book based on the ideas expressed in the talk. Titled Lean In, the tome is a call to action to women to aim for leadership positions. It’s expected out in 2013. [All Things D]
  • In a study that seems straight out of Inception, researchers at MIT have successfully demonstrated that they can alter the dreams of rats by using audio cues they learned the day before. As writer Clay Dillow explains, “It could one day lead to the controlled engineering of dreams.” []
  • The nation is in Breaking Bad withdrawal following Sunday night’s mini-season finale and it will be an entire year before fans will get to see the final eight episodes of the show. In the meantime, read this great Q&A with show creator Vince Gilligan. [NY Times] Or dive into these three series, which have been suggested as suitable alternatives. []
  • Chase Fleming has done a detailed study of 1,150 TEDTalks and come up some easy ways to write the perfect talk. His hints: put the word “world” in the title and shoot for exactly 15.55 minutes. []
  • Do better school buildings correlate to better academic performance? According to Virginia Tech education professor Glen Earthman, students who attend schools in disrepair score 3 to 10 percent lower on state tests than students in better-maintained buildings. Even more startling — the effects may be compounded over every year a student attends a dilapidated school. [NPR]