Speaker updates: Craig Venter, Jeff Han

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Updates from TED speakers:

After a whirlwind of media speculation over the weekend following a story by The Guardian, biologist Craig Venter (watch his TED2005 speech) will announce today at the annual meeting of his institute in San Diego that his team has built a synthetic chromosome, using lab chemicals. “A giant leap forward in the development of designer genomes”, writes the newspaper.
Mr Venter’s autobiography, “A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life” is scheduled to be published in two weeks.

At TED2006 computer scientist Jeff Han demonstrated his prototype of a revolutionary multitouch screen (watch video). At TED2007 he brought along a larger, wall-size version that TEDsters could try out. The interactive media wall, built by Han’s company Perceptive Pixel, will be sold by Nieman Marcus in the US. Price tag: $100,000 USD.