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#SugataMitra is trending: Twitter reacts to the 2013 TED Prize reveal

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Sugata-Mitra-trendingFollowing a rousing introduction from Sir Ken Robinson, education innovator Sugata Mitra accepted the first-ever $1 million TED Prize at TED2013. As soon as the TED Prize winner’s identity was revealed, the Twittersphere buzzed about Sugata’s vision for the future of learning.

People around the world answered Sugata’s invitation to help reinvent the way kids learn, by spreading the word about self-organized learning and committing to contribute resources for his School in the Cloud. Based on the conversation online, the TED community is ready and willing to reimagine education.

Sugata’s name is now trending on Twitter. The prospect of igniting the fire of curiosity in kids through collaboration and encouragement is so inspiring; even some critics are rooting for this project’s success.

Here are some highlights:

Are you inspired by Sugata’s wish? Join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting at @TEDPrize and using the #TEDSOLE hashtag.