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The week in comments


This was an especially lively week on the TED commenting front, as our community tackled debates on swine flu, race and politics, and globalization. These amazing discussions can get a little heated — so we appreciate that there always seems to be a voice of reason that emerges from the group to soothe frazzled nerves []

How ideas trump economic crises — a surprising lesson from 1929: Alex Tabarrok on TED.com


The “dismal science” truly shines in this optimistic talk, as economist Alex Tabarrok argues free trade and globalization are shaping our once-divided world into a community of idea-sharing more healthy, happy and prosperous than anyone’s predictions. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 14:33.)   Watch Alex Tabarrok’s talk on TED.com, where []

TED2009 minutes from Ethan Zuckerman: Optimistic predictions


Ethan Zuckerman is liveblogging TED2009, and has posted his notes from the morning session, “Predict.” Despite current troubles, speakers were decidedly optimistic for the future. Here’s an excerpt from Ethan’s article on Alex Tabarrok: “Tabarrok sees growth coming from new ideas. He believes that future growth comes from ideas that have high R&D costs, but []

KPCC's Patt Morrison broadcasts from TED


Legendary interviewer Patt Morrison ran a two-hour broadcast from TED today, pulling in a raft of TED speakers and TEDsters, including two of the 2009 TED Prize winners. In four segments, she asked some amazing questions and started up some cross-pollinating discussions: Shai Agassi and Ray Anderson discussing the green revolution; Alex Tabarrok and Robin []