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Playlist: Embrace your inner nerd


Vive les nerds! While the term used to be something of a put-down, meant to mock an excessive interest in math or science, it’s now often used in an almost prideful way to signify a passion for pretty much anything. And that applies to pretty much all of those who end up on the TED []

Cary Fowler at TEDGlobal 2009: Running Notes from Session 3


Cary Fowler is archiving biodiversity, and more specifically crop diversity. As this unassuming man begins his time on the TED stage it’s quickly evident how important and relevant his work is to us all. After reading from The Apples of New York, a catalog of all the varieties of apples in the state that was []

Twitter Snapshot: Cary Fowler keeps seeds safe


Session 4 of TEDGlobal started with biodiversity archivist Cary Fowler giving a talk about his project at Svalbard — a global seed bank focused on making sure food crops don’t become extinct. Here are the excited and concerned responses from Twitter: Fowler says no way to determine the “best” of species – we should save []