Twitter Snapshot: Cary Fowler keeps seeds safe

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Session 4 of TEDGlobal started with biodiversity archivist Cary Fowler giving a talk about his project at Svalbard — a global seed bank focused on making sure food crops don’t become extinct. Here are the excited and concerned responses from Twitter:

Fowler says no way to determine the “best” of species – we should save ALL bcz each has traits that might be savior-like in future. — ruthannharnisch

Cary fowler biodiversity archivist: apple species are disappearing. There’s not such a thing as the best apple. Diversity => adaptationlucadebiase

Fascinating yet scary talk about agricultural diversity at #TED. Will never look at an apple the same way again. — globaltolerance

Cary Fowler by 2070, crops will need to grow in a climate never cooler than the hottest days we see nowkokoe2

Cary Fowler: “We can’t solve any of the world’s problems without crop diversity.” Don’t endow a museum in NY, endow wheat in Svalbard. — bupbin

Fowler: if agriculture doesn’t adapt to climate change, neither will we. — Thandelike

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