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The fate of the newspaper: Exclusive interview with Jacek Utko


Newspaper designer Jacek Utko suggests that it’s time for a fresh, top-to-bottom rethink of the newspaper. (At this point, why not try it?) In his work, he’s proved that good design can help readers reconnect with newspapers. A former architect, Utko took on the job of redesigning several newspapers in former Soviet Bloc nations, starting []

Can design save the newspaper? Jacek Utko on TED.com


Jacek Utko is an extraordinary Polish newspaper designer whose redesigns for papers in Eastern Europe not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%. He asks, Can good design save the newspaper? It just might. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 06:05.) Watch Jacek Utko’s talk from TED2009 on []