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Q&A with Loretta Napoleoni: The ever-changing face of terrrorism


At TEDGlobal, Loretta Napoleoni gave a fascinating talk on her exclusive opportunity to speak with members of the secretive Italian terrorist group, the Red Brigades, and the startling insight she’s gained over decades of studying the economics of terrorism. Before her talk posted, she chatted with the TEDBlog and shared a little more of her []

The intricate economics of terrorism: Loretta Napoleoni on TED.com


Loretta Napoleoni details her rare opportunity to talk to the secretive Italian Red Brigades — an experience that sparked a lifelong interest in terrorism. She gives a behind-the-scenes look at its complex economics, revealing a surprising connection between money laundering and the US Patriot Act. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009, Oxford, England. Duration: 15:45) []

Loretta Napoleoni at TEDGlobal 2009: Running notes from Session 8


Loretta Napoleoni at TEDGlobal 2009, Session 8: July 23, 2009, in Oxford, UK. Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson Macroeconomist Loretta Napoleoni is here to talk about how terrorism interacts with our daily life. Fifteen years ago she was asked if she would like to interview the Red Brigades — a terrorist organization in Italy []

Twitter Snapshot: Loretta Napoleoni on rogue economics


Today at TEDGlobal 2009, macroeconomist Loretta Napoleoni explained her fascination with the underworld of crime and terrorism in a large, global context. On Twitter, people had a lot to say (and ask) about this dark subject. … Heavy… ‘The international budget of terror is 1.5 trillion dollars’ #TED – Bloody ‘eck! Is it money well []