Twitter Snapshot: Loretta Napoleoni on rogue economics

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Today at TEDGlobal 2009, macroeconomist Loretta Napoleoni explained her fascination with the underworld of crime and terrorism in a large, global context. On Twitter, people had a lot to say (and ask) about this dark subject.

… Heavy… ‘The international budget of terror is 1.5 trillion dollars’ #TED – Bloody ‘eck! Is it money well spent?TarikF

Loretta Napoleoni – step into the dark side for enlightenment. Almost kabbalisticcitizenrobert

we are deep “in the shadows” tough stuff this morning at TED; organized crime, terrorism, oil, and other bad things. Painful. — Idit

Napoleoni – “Question everything you are told, question everything I have told you today.” Great Quote. — bwdumars

… Napoleoni: “Terrorism is actually a very expensive business.” does it mean we shld hv deep pockets to fight it? vacantparkbench