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The week in comments


If we had to choose a theme for this week’s comments, it would be Interaction Now. Usually, the highlights are reserved for your one-off quips, but from the themes of the talks, to speakers commenting on their own TEDTalks, to lightning-fast replies on threads, it was all about talking it out. On Margaret Wertheim’s TEDTalk: []

The beautiful math that links coral, crochet and hyperbolic geometry: Margaret Wertheim on TED.com


Margaret Wertheim leads a project to re-create the creatures of the coral reefs using a crochet technique invented by a mathematician — celebrating the amazements of the reef, and deep-diving into the hyperbolic geometry underlying coral creation. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 15:34.) Watch Margaret Wertheim’s talk on TED.com, where []