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If we had to choose a theme for this week’s comments, it would be Interaction Now. Usually, the highlights are reserved for your one-off quips, but from the themes of the talks, to speakers commenting on their own TEDTalks, to lightning-fast replies on threads, it was all about talking it out.

On Margaret Wertheim’s TEDTalk: The beautiful math that links coral, crochet and hyperbolic geometry:
Dear All — thanks for kind comments below. It’s been rewarding/humbling to watch the roll-out of my TED talk. It’s a uniquely terrifying experience to stand on the TED stage – ohmygod (one thinks) can I live up to all this? These are the Really smart people: What if I FLOP? So thanks for the lovely feedback … — Margaret Wertheim

On Niels Diffrient’s TEDTalk: Rethinking the way we sit down:
$1400 for a chair? It looks worth it, but whew…. — Allan, via facebook

don’t worry, in a year or two someone will rip off the design and it’ll be available for under $100… capitalism — Alison via facebook

And it will be made in China. — Shantanu via facebook

On Erik Hersman’s TEDTalk: How texting and GoogleMaps helped Kenyans survive crisis
TED is porn – mind porn! — Mads via facebook

I heard TED can be as addictive as porn to some. — Elizabeth via facebook

Hey, I met my girlfriend on TED.com, don’t knock it! — Michah via facebook

anyone at all interested in the fact that these guys just revolutionized citizen reporting and information in crisis situations? anyone? — Tim via facebook

On Nate Silver’s TEDTalk: Picking apart the puzzle of racism in elections:
Interaction with people who don’t look like you matters. Great TED talk by Nate Silver, even with proposed changes — djmarquardt, via Twitter

Thanks for talking to us, and each other.