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Remembering Ray Anderson


Ray Anderson, the advocate of sustainability in business, died on Monday at age 77. Share his powerful TEDTalk — in which he explores the personal, ethical and practical motives for building a responsible business: [ted id=547] The company he founded, the carpet manufacturer Interface, “set what may well be the highest sustainability benchmark of any []

Ray Anderson’s radical confessions: Read an excerpt


Ray Anderson (watch his TEDTalk), the chairman and founder of carpet company Interface Inc., is part of a new industrial revolution: one that demands ecological awareness. Simply conforming to government regulations didn’t satisfy Anderson, who has made the march toward total sustainability an integral part of his company’s customer appeal. For Interface, being “green” is []

The business logic of sustainability: Ray Anderson on TED.com


At his carpet company, Interface, Ray Anderson has increased sales and doubled profits while turning the traditional “take / make / waste” industrial system on its head. In a gentle, understated way, he shares his powerful vision for sustainable commerce. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 15:55.) Watch Ray Anderson’s talk []

KPCC's Patt Morrison broadcasts from TED


Legendary interviewer Patt Morrison ran a two-hour broadcast from TED today, pulling in a raft of TED speakers and TEDsters, including two of the 2009 TED Prize winners. In four segments, she asked some amazing questions and started up some cross-pollinating discussions: Shai Agassi and Ray Anderson discussing the green revolution; Alex Tabarrok and Robin []

Tomorrow's Child — as read by Ray Anderson


Ray Anderson gave a profound and powerful talk about his decades-deep commitment to sustainable ways of doing business through his carpet company Interface — culminating in the Mission Zero plan. During the talk he read a poem written by one of his employees, Glenn Thomas, after Glenn heard Ray talk. Having received a number of []