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Michael Montes on the TEDTalks ringtone


Michael Montes is the composer who created the TEDTalks opening themes (now available as ringtones). We’re curious about what it’s like to have one’s music being experienced through a phone. Who or what inspired you in creating the TEDTalks theme? TED itself inspired me greatly. I tried to put the feelings that I retained from being []

Top 10 people I should talk to at TED


We don’t know what’s in the secret sauce of the “top 10 people you should talk to at TED” algorithm, but attendee Richard St. John knows it’s something good. He writes: “I almost fell off my chair when I saw the list of the “Top 10 People I should talk to at TED.” The TED []

Audience questions for Nina Jablonski


Nina Jablonski talked to us about skin. One thing we learned is that those with lots of melanin have to recognize that they have a lot of natural sun screen in their skin, which slows the process of making Vitamin D. I had the opportunity to ask Nina some of the questions emailed in (to []

What TED means to me


During yesterdays Session 3 – Reconnect, curator Chris Anderson opened the floor to the audience with the question “What does TED mean to you?” Here are few responses – received from Palm Springs, Associate Members, and some in Long Beach who didn’t get the mike: “I am watching TED 2009 live from Moscow and I []

Tomorrow's Child — as read by Ray Anderson


Ray Anderson gave a profound and powerful talk about his decades-deep commitment to sustainable ways of doing business through his carpet company Interface — culminating in the Mission Zero plan. During the talk he read a poem written by one of his employees, Glenn Thomas, after Glenn heard Ray talk. Having received a number of []

It's not a car, it's a vehicle


Josh Goldman is the first TEDster to go on an Aptera test drive. He’s actually #315 on the waiting list for the car (out of 3800) … but this is his first time getting his hands on one. Note — you have to go in bottom first, then pull your legs in. After his ride, []