What TED means to me

During yesterdays Session 3 – Reconnect, curator Chris Anderson opened the floor to the audience with the question “What does TED mean to you?” Here are few responses – received from Palm Springs, Associate Members, and some in Long Beach who didn’t get the mike:

“I am watching TED 2009 live from Moscow and I am really excited about TED! Speakers, conference organization waaaay differs from conferences here in Russia! Keep up the good work and now I know whom to have as an example! Thanks a lot for TED Associate Program because I have a chance to spread “ideas worth spreading” here in Russia!” – Bayram Annakov

“I am making this world a better place, Thanks to TED.” – Salim Bamakhrama, UK

“TED means freedom of knowledge for a more livable and exciting world.” – Rodney Gypin, CA

“We love it. And after five years attending I’m finding it better to be away from the crew to spread the word. We need more in the Tribe.” – Scott Laine, New York City

“It is the place that matches me, and I match it, too. I like it.” – Veni Markosi, Long Beach

Brain food that sustains me and helps me nourish others. Inspiration and energy. Momentum – Mark Benerofe, Long Beach

Also, here is The Early Crew today in Sydney. For these guys, TED means looking surprisingly semi-alert at 3:00 AM:


And a radiantly cheerful Hello from Minnesota: