Top 10 people I should talk to at TED

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We don’t know what’s in the secret sauce of the “top 10 people you should talk to at TED” algorithm, but attendee Richard St. John knows it’s something good.

He writes: “I almost fell off my chair when I saw the list of the “Top 10 People I should talk to at TED.” The TED secret algorithm said the No. 1 person I should talk to was “Joe Crump.”

Here’s the amazing part. My name is St. John, but my original name was “Crump.” Back in the 1980s, instead of getting married, my wife and I both changed our last names to St. John (my wife’s mother’s maiden name). And instead of calling me Richard, my father nicknamed me “Joe.”

So deep down I’m “Joe Crump” – and the number one person the TED secret algorithm said I should talk to was Joe Crump. Few people in the world know that. So another TED first – a psychic algorithm!” – Richard St. John (Joe Crump)