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Spike Lee will film "Passing Strange" this weekend


Stew‘s brilliant musical Passing Strange closes this weekend on Broadway — and Spike Lee will film the final Saturday shows. On July 19, cameras will follow the matinee and evening performance; the show will also be filmed later without an audience. Read Stew’s thoughts about this — and the whole Broadway/Tony Awards/The View experience — []

One night only: Stew reprises excerpts from his hit musical, "Passing Strange"


Last spring, singer-songwriter Stew (whose playful, provocative performance was a highlight of TED2006) rewrote the book on musicals with “Passing Strange,” a groundbreaking show that won rave reviews during its limited, sold-out run. Developed with the Public Theater as part of an ongoing effort to bring non-traditional voices into musical theater, Passing Strange was non-traditional, []

Singer/songwriter Stew performs "Black Men Ski" on TEDTalks


What happens when a black man visits Aspen? Singer/songwriter Stew is about to let you know, with the arch humor and clever asides that characterize all his work (Hint: “It’s a winter wonderland in the belly of the beast.”) Stew is joined on stage by his partner/collaborator Heidi Rodewald (bass) and Jon Spurney (keyboard/guitar). (Recorded []

Last night's TED Salon at Joe's Pub


Boy, what a magical night. Here’s Thomas Dolby’s review…—————–Joe’s Pub was the perfect venue to meet TED friends and enjoy three excellent bands. It’s been a while since I enjoyed an evening of music so much. Joe’s booker Bill Bragin is known as one of New York’s greatest champions of new talent, and it was []