TED.com will be offline for 6 hours starting at noon today, Weds., Nov. 3

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TED.com is going offline today, Wednesday, Nov. 3, at noon EDT for about 6 hours. We’re upgrading some back-end software that will make it easier for us to add new features down the line.

But we respect that some of you will need your TED fix during that time. A couple of suggestions:

YouTube. Every talk we post to TED.com is cross-posted to TED’s YouTube channel — including today’s talk from Greg Stone: “Saving the ocean one island at a time.

Downloads. If you’re giving a presentation today that uses a TEDTalk, download it now, in regular or high-res quality. Use the small gray Download button below the Talk video window to save individual talks.

iTunes. Around 100 TEDTalks at any one time are listed on iTunes as a video podcast and an high-res video podcast, and about 50 as audio podcasts.

BitTorrent, Boxee, Miro, the StumbleUpon Video player. These players pull from our cache, so they should be fine; let us know if not, by writing to contact@ted.com

iPad. If you have the TED iPad app, you might want to download and save a playlist before noon EST. (You won’t be able to download the app from the App Store while we’re down, but we’ll put it back up as soon as we’re live again.)

TEDTalks embedded in your own blog or site. Video will play, but captioning, sharing and rating won’t work while we’re offline.

The TED Blog. Embedded TEDTalks and all our other content will display here, but commenting is down. Come join us on Facebook if you’d like to start or continue a conversation.

Watch this space or our newsfeed on Twitter (@TEDNews) for news — we’ll let you know when everything’s back up.