TED News in Brief: Yves Rossy flies ‘round Mount Fuji, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams goes long-form, and more

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Yves Rossy (watch his talk) is known as the “Jetman,” because he zips through the air on a pair of jet-powered wings. Last week, he flew around Japan’s Mount Fuji. Nine times. And then spoke to Business Insider about it.

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams (watch his talk) talks to The New York Times about his most recent venture, Medium — a blogging platform that helps surface posts that readers find most valuable.

A great piece via Arch Daily: Why Iwan Baan’s TED Talk was right. (Watch it.)

Michael Forster Rothbart wrote the incredible TED Book Would You Stay?, which weaves together photos and stories of those still living in the vicinity of Chernobyl and Fukushima. Here, watch him interviewed on CNN about the project, as he tells the story of an inspiring mailman.


In his stunning photographs, Fabian Oefner (watch his talk) highlights the beauty of scientific phenomena. Check out his latest series, “Orchid,” shot for VICE’s Creators Project. For it, he layered different colors of paint — putting black or white on the surface — and then dropped an object into it. The series captures a split second of color in motion.

TED Prize winner JR (watch his talk) and his photobooth truck go to Paris!

Margaret Wertheim’s (watch her talk on the beautiful math of coral) has launched a Kickstarter campaign. She explains, “For years, people have been asking us for a book about the Crochet Coral Reef Project. At last, all the scientific, mathematical and environmental knowledge inherent in the project will be available in one place.”

Here, the website gives a “sartorial education,” with “5 Inspiring Fashion TED Talks From Awesome Women.”

Sendhil Mullainathan (watch his TED Talk on solving social problems) is featured in the first video of Edge’s HeadCon 2013. Watch his video on What Big Data Means for Social Science.


On July 19, the Cassini spacecraft took a photograph of Saturn and its ring system, snapping a shot of the Earth in the process. Carolyn Porco (watch her talk) dubbed this “The Day the Earth Smiled.” This week, Cassini’s imaging team has released a panoramic mosaic, stitching together 141 wide-angle images that cover 404,880 miles. Porco writes of this image, “Below the main rings and to the right of the globe of Saturn, far in the distance and seemingly lost in the radiance of the scene, lies a small speck of blue light, floating in a sea of stars. That is our home …  The image of that dot captures the very moment, frozen in time, when the inhabitants of our planet took a break from their normal activities to go outside and acknowledge our ‘coming of age’ as planetary explorers.”

On Veterans Day, the website Upworthy featured this gut-wrenching talk from Sergeant Andrew Chambers, given at TEDxMarionCorrectional, about how he asked for help upon returning to the United States from Iraq. He didn’t get the help — and he ended up in jail. (See Chambers’ talk in GIFs.)

Catch David Christian of Big History (watch the talk) on The Colbert Report tonight.

And finally, Google Glass (watch Sergey Brin’s talk on its creation) will be expanding to music, according to this article in The New York Times. Pictured in the article? Producer Young Guru, who spoke at last year’s TEDYouth.