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TED rolls out iOS7 app

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ios7-appApple’s iOS7 launched this morning, and on it, our new TED app. Below, we asked our in-house product development lead Thaniya Keereepart about the mobile update, asking her to share the team’s vision for taking an experience people loved and making it even more fluid.

What makes this iOS7 version of the TED app different?

For this latest update, we simplified our app’s interface to make its functionality more useful — a combination of efforts inspired by our own TED design ethos and Apple’s vision for iOS7. As Apple puts it, “good design is design that’s in service of the experience.” As a result, the TED experience for iOS7 feels lighter, airier — yet familiar.

What new features can the user look forward to?

Honestly, this version is more about taking an experience people loved and making it even better, rather than rolling out specific new features. That said, we did add in the ability to scrub and rewind audio feeds, which is something our fans have been asking for for a while.

What, historically, are some of the TED app’s most popular iOS features?

We launched our first iOS app in 2010, and since then, have been blown away by the number of downloads. Because the entire experience was designed specifically for mobile users — it’s not just a shrunken version of — it’s not surprising that our fan-favorites are those features that make experiencing TED easier when on the go.

In particular, “Inspire Me” is very popular. The feature lets you pick the kind of talk you want to watch (inspiring? funny? jaw-dropping?), then use a sleek “clock” to indicate how much time you have to spare, then let the TED app build a personalized playlist that fits your schedule.

Will this new release continue to support iOS6?


What’s next for the TED app?

Without giving away too much, I can tell you that we will be looking at improving TED Radio Hour integration. We’re also evaluating AirDrop and multi-tasking features. That’s it for now!

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A side-by-side look at the previous TED app, and the updated look for iOS7.

A side-by-side look at the TED iOS6 app, and the updated look for iOS7.

It's the same experience, with an airier new look.

It’s the same experience, with an airier new look.


The idea: make a good experience that much better.