TED2009 minutes from Erik Hersman: Oliver Sacks on hallucinations

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The ever busy Ethan Zuckerman has had to give the reins over to fellow blogger, Erik Hersman today as he accepts an award in Denver. As implausible as it may seem, Erik is as timely and productive as Ethan. Not convinced? Here’s an excerpt from his first blog of the day on Oliver Sacks:

“We start this morning with Oliver Sacks, who since Awakenings first stormed the bestseller lists (and the silver screen), has become an unlikely household name, and single-handedly invented the genre of neurological anthropology.

We see with our eyes, but we also see with our minds. Hallucinations is what he will be talking to us about today.”

To get the full story, you can go to either Ethan’s or Erik’s blog.