“It’s Time for TED”: TED2012 remixed by John Boswell

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John Boswell — he created the “Symphony of Science” videos — came to TED this week. Not to talk, but to listen and remix. Hear his mix of TED2012, with some classic TED moments mixed in.

Find out more about each speaker in the mashup in our “Live from TED2012” coverage on the TED Blog.

Update: as suggested on reddit, the list of speakers:

Quixotic Fusion
Reuben Margolin
TED Curator Chris Anderson
Regina Dugan
Peter Diamandiswatch the TEDTalk >>
Paul Gildingwatch the TEDTalk >>
JR and the Inside Out Project
Video from Brian Greene
Billy Collins
Andy Hobsbawm (from TED2008)
Kathryn Schulz from TED2011
Reggie Watts
Meklit Hadero
T. Boone Pickens
James Hansen
Donald Sadoway
Bryan Stevenson
This year’s TED Prize wish: The City 2.0
Suja Lowenthal