TED: The documentary

Daphne2Over the last many months, we’ve been working on ways to bring the magic of TED to a wider audience, beyond the 1000 of us who gather in Monterey each February. We’re thrilled then, to tell you that a documentary about TED is now being developed for PBS. The goal is to capture the inspiration and energy of TED, and bring that to life for an at-home audience. It’s tricky business, translating TED to film. But we’ve been continually impressed with the vision and determination of the team we’re working with. Producer Steven Latham (The Living Century, The Jim Bellows Story) has plenty of TED cred; among his other intriguing projects, he’s producing a NOVA special on alternative energy, with TEDster Evan Schwartz.

The program will be hosted by the charming actress Daphne Zuniga, who everyone remembers from her early films, The Sure Thing and Spaceballs, and who currently stars in the ABC series, “Beautiful People.” Zuniga grew up steeped in learning (with a philosophy professor father and a unitarian minister mother), so has been drawn to the idea of TED since she first crossed our path last year.

Steven, Daphne and their A-list production team will be on-site in Monterey next week. Their goal, of course, is to observe without intruding. But they also hope to talk to as many TEDsters as possible. If you have a TED story to tell, go ahead and send a note to Steven ahead of time: He’s stevenlathamproductions (at)