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TEDFilms: Four new short films premiered at TED2018

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For the TED conference this year, we wanted to entertain attendees between talks — and support and encourage up-and-coming filmmakers. Meet TEDFilms, a new program for promoting the creation of original short films.

Executive-produced by Sinéad McDevitt and led up by TED’s director of Production and Video Operations, Mina Sabet, the short films acted as a creative palate-cleanser during the speaker program, a short blast of humor, beauty and awe.

Each film is less than two minutes, and genres range from experimental art and documentary to PSA and dark comedy. Enjoy!




As light passes through defective glass, beams split into color spectra, causing ‘diffraction grating’. For the first time ever in film, we get up close and personal with this visual phenomenon in a series of beautiful chromatic abstractions.

Director: Shane Griffin

Music: Gavin Little

With special thanks to:
Ed Bruce at Screenscene
Los York




Illusions for a Better Society
Could visual illusions be a cure for polarization?

Aaron Duffy
Lake Buckley
Jack Foster

Director of Photography: William Atherton

Production Design: Adam Pruitt

Creative Partner: SpecialGuest

Production Company: 1stAveMachine

Dave Kornfield
Andrew Geller
Matt Snetzko

Music: Bryn Bliska




It’s Not Amazing Enough
The pressures of having to make an amazing film sent this deadpan deep-voiced award winning filmmaker into a crippling spiral of self-doubt and comic indecision.

Director, Writer & Producer: Duncan Cowles





A.I. Therapy
After 100 years of progress, AI bots have finally become too human for their own good.

Mother London

Directors: Emerald Fennell & Chris Vernon

Director of Photography: Ben Kracun

Production Design: Jessica Sutton

VFX: Coffee & TV