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TED@PalmSprings reacts to the TED Prize wishes

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The response to the TED Prize here at the TED@PalmSprings simulcast was enthusiastic and inspiring. After two days mesmerized, locked into “absorb” mode, TEDsters seem to be feeling the beginnings of a change in momentum toward collaborating … and contributing. Fresh off of the emotional high of the wishes, ideas are flying. Here are just a few of the statements the TED Blog overheard following TED2009’s “Dream” session.


+ “It was incredible. His wish for El Sistema in the United States is incredibly inspiring for any of us who love music, for those of us who are raised around music, for those who just appreciate music. I think it’s something everybody can relate to. I’m totally on fire with it. I think it’s awesome.”

+ “This year in particular had more unusual types of wishes and prize winners with very different backgrounds. I think it will be difficult. But I think it’s also inspiring.”

+ “The concepts are really striking and engaging. I was really impressed with Sylvia Earle’s wish. It was really backed up with a lot of great visuals. Literally her cadence and the way that she gave it was really powerful. As with a lot of the TED presentations, that really gave it a lot of impact, even though all three of them had really compelling concepts behind them.”

+ “I think SETI is a massively worthy project. We all ought to be getting inspired about that. It’s underappreciated and needs to be over-funded.”

+ “The ocean project is so eloquently presented. I hope they can work the film into a massive public campaign to present this. Writing to your senators and congressmen might be a part of this. Writing to them and saying, ‘Go and watch this.’ It’s totally essential and not expensive.”

+ “We’re canceling the programs in our public schools. That might be something to bring up. Just showing the inspired fascination of these kids to a school board — sending a copy of the DVD — and saying, ‘Look, what possibilities you are missing.'”