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TEDxYouthDay is on!

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TEDxYouthDay events have begun around the world! Watch the TEDxYouthDay Livestream — or sign up for a Meetup Everywhere to watch the stream.

Many events on Nov. 20, including TEDxYouth@Tokyo, TEDxYouth@HongKong, TEDxYouth@Singapore and TEDxYouth@NASA, will be collaborating through the livestream to do shout-outs and program sharing to other TEDxYouthDay events.

Plus! Jim Stolze from TEDxAmsterdam collaborated with Morley (who is also performing at TEDWomen!) to create this TEDxYouthDay song and music video “We Will Change Everything.” The video was crowdsourced from footage sent in from the TED and TEDx community. Watch above — or watch at a local TEDxYouthDay event.