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Twitter Snapshot: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown takes the TED stage by surprise

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The much-buzzed-about surprise speaker at the first session of TEDGlobal 2009 was finally revealed to be British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. A Twitterer himself, the Prime Minster’s appearance on the TED stage quickly drove the #TED tag into Twitter’s top trending topics today. Here’s a slice of what people were tweeting:

our Prime Minister was good – a really powerful, articulate and poignant talkdoug_graeme

Gordon Brown @TED gives shout out to citizen media’s role in Burma protests

Mr Gordon Brown: Amy Winehouse thinks she has in common with Mr Mandela – her husband spent time in prison as well LOLOLOLOLOL — j_mf

Special-guest Gordon Brown at TED, talking about the modern speed of communication as a unifying force for social gooddoug_graeme

#TED and PM Gordon Brown: what we see unlocks what we cannot see: the invisible ties and bonds that bring us together as a human community — kokoe2

Inspiring talk by PM Gordon Brown @ #TED Global on global citizenship. “We must build a proper relationship between rich and poor countries” — kyraocity

“Whatever you may think of him, that was a fantastic speech by Gordon Brown… Looked a leader.” — jamesmcnicholas

And TED’s own Chris Anderson also chimed in:

talking to Gordon Brown about Global Citizenship! Africa is really in his agenda! — TEDChris

Gordon Brown! Excellent talk! Great questions by Chris!! Back him in a corner and watch him come out ! — abelapagos

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