Twitter Snapshot: Nick Veasey reveals what's on the inside

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Nick Veasey creates art with x-rays to expose the hidden interiors of everyday objects, including clothing, dolls, computers, leaves, and even… cadavers! Veasey reveals the surprising beauty and intricate structure of the mundane. His newest project: sawing a MINI Cooper in half and pasting inside a compilation of x-ray images of all of the parts! Twitterers were wowed, to say the least:

Nick Veasey: takes x-rays of ordinary objects — his shoes, a bus! (using a cargo scanning x-ray), a bulldozer! kokoe2

X-ray fashion from Nick Veasey – “it doesn’t matter if it’s me or Kate Moss wearing it – it’ll look the same.” WiredUK

Wooow, x-rays of nature for architecturevangeest

Nick Veasey’s X-ray photography is phenomenal: http://www.nickveasey.combrainpicker

Nick Veasey waits in the queue for dead bodies to use in his X-ray art. There’s a queue? Who knew? — digitalronin

Veasey points out child’s doll xrayed looks like robot, humanistic but also spookily futuristic with pins holding limbs to torso — Thandelike

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