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Nick Veasey at TEDGlobal 2009: Running notes from Session 9


Running notes from TEDGlobal 2009, Session 9. Nick Veasey uses X-rays to create photographs that reveal the inner workings and structure of objects such as shoes, a city bus, a tractor, a bat … and men’s briefs. (He calls the men’s briefs “exquisite.”) Instead of focusing on solely biological entities, he also looks into (looks []

Twitter Snapshot: Nick Veasey reveals what's on the inside


Nick Veasey creates art with x-rays to expose the hidden interiors of everyday objects, including clothing, dolls, computers, leaves, and even… cadavers! Veasey reveals the surprising beauty and intricate structure of the mundane. His newest project: sawing a MINI Cooper in half and pasting inside a compilation of x-ray images of all of the parts! []