Twitter Snapshot: Dan Pink contests carrots and sticks

Dan Pink, former speechwriter for Al Gore, is now hoping to spark a right-brain revolution in business and management. The spark clearly caught on with several of Twitter’s most familiar #TEDsters.

Pink on psychology research: “There’s a mismatch between what science knows and business does.” — brainpicker

Pink: “Rewards by their very nature narrow our focus, concentrate the mind.” Work only for concrete problems, not abstract — brainpicker

Daniel Pink: monetary incentives don’t work or often do harm. The most solidly verified theory in social sciences — lucadebiase

Dan Pink says rewards work well w narrow work and narrow goals…at Acumen, rules and envs are complex so if-then rewards don’t work… — jnovogratz

Pink: Dan Ariely experimnts w/ MIT students; then with villagers in India (WOOT MIT and India). higher incentives lead 2 worse prfrmnce — pragzterv