Twitter Snapshot: Itay Talgam conducts better leadership

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Conductor-turned-business motivator Itay Talgam showed a collection of enlightening and amusing clips of famous conductors doing what it really is that they do best: lead. The process of drawing out beauty from a brigade of musicians is a powerful metaphor with real applications for anyone who manages people. Our prolific #TEDsters captured the best moments:

Rule #4 of conducting: Conductor Itay Talgam at #TED: Don’t look at the trombones; it only encourages them. — griley

Conductor culture is fascinating. Silly sense of humour. — Alli7on

conductor Itay Talgam is using classical music and conducting as a metaphor for leadership. Funny guy. Muti, Strauss and Karajan. — emilkang

Talgam: Trying unsuccessfully to conduct the TED audience again but making a pt of how diff condctor’s behaviors produce diff responses — pragzter

Talgam.. doing without doing.. orchestra directing.. with a smile.. and a nod.. — Gabelapagos