Twitter Snapshot: Brother Paulus Terwitte asks, "Where are you?"

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A Capuchin friar and a household name in Germany, Brother Paulus Terwitte looks at the possibility of a simple, contemplative spiritual life — in a world laden with distractions and complications. Is posting a Twitter Snapshot slightly … ironic? Twitter users meditated on this, and other questions:

Google is the new forbidden apple.. Brother Terwitte.. — Gabelapagos

Terwitte on why we engage in “organized doing nothing” (pray, meditate, etc.). “We want to find the inner voice of things.” — brainpicker

Brother Paulus Terwitte: “We have again become primitive hunter gatherers – we are gathering information” #TED — WiredUK

now Monk dude is listing how many friends and followers he has on facebook and twitter etc haha AWESOME — grumblemouse

Paulus Terwitte providing an interesting perspective on social media and contemplating the world – what really matters? #TED — bwdumars

Paulus Terwitte: gives the audience 15 seconds in silence to think (and conducts this by holding up his hand). Felt like a century. — kokoe2

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