Wednesday morning TEDDIY at TED@PalmSprings — Running notes

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A snapshot of the TED@PalmSprings simulcast.


Kelly Stoetzel of TED and slam poet Rives are co-hosts.


Jill Sobule entertained the audience with her usual wit — and a selection of newly unveiled material.


Arthur Benjamin’s energetic presentation (above) was the perfect way to kick off TEDDIY on Day 1 of TED@PalmSprings. He used his lightning-fast mental calculations to transform a volunteer’s birth date (year, month, day) into a 4×4 magic square whose rows, columns, diagonals, corners and 2×2 components all added up to 42. The volunteer left the stage with this near-instantaneous magic square — the perfect souvenir from TED!

Photos: TED / Michael Brands