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What can you learn from 10 Ads Worth Spreading? Read our whitepaper

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Each year, TED chooses 10 great ads to feature as part of our Ads Worth Spreading challenge. And this week, we’re featuring a whitepaper (PDF) that analyzes what makes some of those great ads great.

The Ads Worth Spreading whitepaper chronicles the story behind this year’s 10 winning ads from their creative directors, and offers insights and findings from TED, Google and Ace Metrix on why each proved so effective.

A recurring theme of the research boils down to the question: What does advertising do? The best advertising doesn’t wave goods in front of consumers’ faces — it reflects a brand’s values. More than ever, brands need to be brave enough to say something authentic and meaningful, or run the risk of being forgotten. TED’s Ads Worth Spreading shines a spotlight on creative advertising that uses the power of storytelling to express ideas and engage audiences in a meaningful way. Ads Worth Spreading rewards advertising that takes a stand – and challenges other brands to up their game.

Google Think Insights posted an excerpt from the Ads Worth Spreading report today … or you can view the full report >>