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Why you’ll want to update your Android, iPhone and iPad TED apps today

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For those of you who depend on your iPad, Android or iPhone for your daily dose of TED, get ready to hit the update button. To make your on-the-go TED experience that much more thought inspiring, we’ve made some wonderful updates to our apps.

Android owners, here’s what’s new for you with version 1.1

  • For the hearing-impaired, or those that prefer reading along, subtitles are now available on your Android.
  • And not just English subtitles — you’ll be able to browse TEDTalks available in more than 70 languages.
  • Love TED Radio Hour on NPR? Well, it’ll now be built into your Android app. Just hit the Listen button in the top right!
  • Not to mention that Facebook sharing will be that much easier with this new version.

iPhone and iPad TED aficionados, here’s what you can expect with version 1.8:

  • Lots more talks for your viewing pleasure. With our updated app, you’ll be able to watch more TEDx and TED-Ed videos in addition to your favorite TEDTalks.
  • Oh, you’re a TED Radio Hour fan too? Good! Because the NPR radio show is now available in the daily audio playlist.
  • Your Facebook sharing will now be more streamlined too. In fact, you’ll be able to easily share TED videos with other iPhone and iPad users.
  • And we’re working on some incredible updates for iOS 6.

Don’t have a TED app yet? You know what to do. Android crew, get it at Google Play and iFans, head straight to iTunes. And see more screenshots below.

On your Android, you’ll now get subtitles — in English as well as in 70 other languages.

And here, a look at the TED experience with our updated app for the iPad.