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Wired: The speakers in session 6 of TED2014

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Technology is always a big theme at TED (it’s the “T,” after all), and in this session we draw back the curtain to take a closer look at what’s really going on within some of the world’s most influential companies. But this isn’t just about the current headline-grabbers. Speakers will also share thoughts and demos of cutting-edge design to show how technology is pushing back the boundaries of the expected.

Here are the speakers who appeared in this session. Click below to read a full recap of each speaker’s talk:

Margaret Gould Stewart has worked at many of the technology world’s most influential companies, including Google, YouTube and, now, Facebook. She’ll talk about the often unsung, unnoticed influence of design on a user’s experience.

Del Harvey works at Twitter. As the company’s security maven, she focuses on the seedier side of all those tweets — and how to protect users without nannying them.

Charlie Rose has interviewed the great, the good and sometimes not-so-good of global culture for, literally, decades. Today, he’ll chat with Google’s founder and chief executive, Larry Page.

Chris Kluwe is an advocate for equality — and an American football player. He’ll talk about augmented reality in sports.

At Princeton’s High Contrast Imaging LaboratoryJeremy Kasdin hunts for potentially habitable worlds using a revolutionary space-based observatory.

Avi Reichental is the CEO of the company 3D Systems, where he’s trying to turn his dream into reality. His vision? A future where 3D scanning-and-printing is an everyday act, and food, clothing and objects are routinely output at home.

Prostheticist Hugh Herr directs the Biomechatronics research group at the MIT Media Lab. His specialty: building prosthetic knees, legs and ankles that fuse biomechanics with microprocessors to restore normal gait, balance, speed — and perhaps to enhance.