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X Marks the Spot: A flashmob in Yemen, absurdist art in Kentucky and edible sugar sculptures in California

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In his TED Talk, “The shared experience of absurdity,” Charlie Todd shared the hilarity he creates for his fellow New Yorkers through flashmobs like the No Pants Subway Ride. The flashmob idea has, of course, spread widely. In the video above, watch one coordinated by the organizers of TEDxAden, a spontaneous musical performance in the elevator bank of their local mall. Complete with coordinated dancing, this flashmob brought smiles to the crowd that gathered around.

Also raising chuckles this week: Wayne White, sharing his playful images at TEDxKC. White turns the kind of landscapes you’d find on a motel wall into palettes for messages like “Luv Hurts” and “Good Looking People Having Fun Without You.” He’s been making paintings like these for 13 years. “People say, ‘Wayne, how do you choose the letters — is it some kind of conceptual link?’ No, whatever fits,” he says. “Never, ever discount anything in the studio, no matter how spontaneous or goofy or jokey it is. There’s gold in those moments.”


Speaking of landscapes, we were blown away by the beautiful images shot on a walking tour last week organized by TEDxGowanus. Dubbed an “Instameet,” this walking tour brought together 85 Instagrammers for a stroll through the industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. While they walked, they learned about the history and architecture of this area, which will host their TEDx event on January 26. Below, just one of these amazing photos.


And rounding out this delightful TEDx update: miniature edible sugar sculptures at TEDxManhattanBeach. In the talk below, Liz and Kyle von Hasseln share how they stumbled upon the idea of 3D printing cake toppers, and how they figured out a way to actually make it work. (Turns out, sugar is a difficult substance to print with.) The intricate shapes they create — some lattice-work orbs, some geometric diamonds — are pure both fantastical and delicious.

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